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Feel the Energy & Watch the Action on 20 HDTVs

Discover the hottest sports bar in Elgin, IL. From football and basketball to soccer and hockey, you'll find all the sports action on our 20 high-definition screens. Settle in with a cold beer and root for all your favorite college and pro sports teams.
Enjoy bar-friendly pub cuisine while you're here, like Cheesy Potato Skins, Bennigan's Premium Buffalo Wings, and the Irish Tower of Rings.
Check out over 200 games with NFL Sunday, and grab a front row seat for world-class sporting events like World Cup Soccer and the Olympic Games. Get the hot ticket. Come hang out at our friendly sports bar and pub.
Watch NFL games at Elgin Restaurant


NFL Sunday Ticket lets you watch over 200 NFL games in high definition on 20 screens. See your favorite local teams on the big screen and cheer them on to victory.
Enjoy Chicago Bulls games in Irish Restaurant and Pub


Watch all the Chicago Bulls games or see your local team compete for glory. Our 20 HD screens are ideal for keeping up with the excitement of March Madness.
At Elgin Restaurant, watch Baseball Matches


Find the perfect place to watch the Crosstown Classic on four big screens! Whether you're a Cubs or White Sox fans, come show your support.
Enjoy San Jose Sharks Match at Illinois Restaurant


Cheer for the Chicago Blackhawks as they destroy the competition. Experience the thrill of action on the ice with one of the best teams in the NHL.
Watch all your favourite Soccer Games in Elgin Restaurant


High-stakes soccer matches and international competitions are larger-than-life on the big screen. You'll have a front row seat for all the top soccer events.
Enjoy Olympic Games in Irish Restaurant

Olympic Games

Love the Olympics? So do we. You won't miss a minute of the Winter or Summer Games at our sports bar in Elgin, IL.
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